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Invest your time and efforts on Asset Reconstruction. Leave the cumbersome Digitization and Automation  task to ARC ERP. 

What's ARC ERP?

It is a web based software specially developed for the  Asset Reconstruction Companies (ARCs) and Banks.  

Acquisition of NPAs from the banks and subsequent process of recovery takes considerable time and hundreds of physical documents are to be handled by the staff. Careful watch is also to be kept on important dates and tasks related to Courts cases, receipts of due payments, sending of notices, reminders & responses etc to avoid any issues. ARC companies and Banks handle hundreds of cases at any point of time and monitoring of these activities without automation is a challenging task. 

ARC ERP addresses all the above issues and provides end-to-end functionality of digitization and alerting starting from Acquisition of NPA, Bank Offer, Cash/ Formation of Trust, Assignment Agreements, Monitoring of court cases with monitoring & actions under the SARFAESI Act etc. Company management is able to monitor important activities through Dashboard, view MIS reports, case docs  and get alerts before important events arrive.

Why Choose ARC ERP

Go Digital

Digitize all documents right from Asset acquisition till asset recovery.

Automate Process

Set alerts and notifications for important tasks and milestones. Share docs instantly.

24/7 Accessibility

Monitor resolution progress of your Accounts online from anywhere 24x7




Asset Acquisition Module

  1. List cases summary with latest status
  2. Add comments
  3. Give Approval
  4. Add new sale of NPA by Bank/ FI
  5. Export to Excel
  6. Easy Information entry using multi modular forms – EOI sent module, NDA sent module, PIM analysis module, Reminder Email Module, Comment and Approve Module
  1. DD Analysis – Summary list of cases, easily access the DD report, view case status, Add comments/ approve
  2. Acquisition Approval – Summary view with Approving authority/ proposed mode and amount of acquisition etc and relevant documents
  3. Asset Acquisition – Summary view of accounts with purchase consideration

Post-Acquisition Module

This module facilitates management of the following tasks for an already acquired Asset:

  1. Registration of Assignment Agreement
  2. Intimation to Borrower
  3. CERSAI Modification
  4. ROC Modification
  5. Collection of Original Documents

Asset Resolution Module

  1. Details of valuation of securities
  2. Share in total debt
  3. Assignment Agreement Details
  4. Document Collection details for loan documents, security documents and other documents
  5. Details of original documents
  6. Mode of resolution
  7. SARFAESI actions initiated by Bank
  8. SARFAESI actions by company
  9. Notice type and details
  10. Intimation of possession
  11. Sale proceedings under SARFAESI
  12. Physical possession details
  13. Enforcement agency details
  14. Terms and Conditions of Repayment
  15. Present restructuring proposal of the party
  16. Whether PDCs collected

Dues Calculation Module

This is the module where various dues are calculated. 

  1. Dues (Dues of an account)
  2. Recovery (Recovery from company)
  3. ROI (Insert/Update Rate of Interest)
  4. Report (Fetch reports)

Legal Module

This module provide options to manage cases and hearing dates etc. Can see details of cases in each type of court along with details of counsels, their contact details, status of case, next date of hearing, details of next actions, related file downloads etc. Below are case types manageable.


Human Resource Module

A basic HR module is built into the system which provides employee details like Name, Role, Employee ID,  Contact details etc for audit trails purpose.


History Modules

Editing History module

In this module you can track various user activities for audit purpose like record additions, updates and deletes done in the system with date & time. 

 Login History Module

In this module user logins are recorded for audit purpose. This simply provides info about who logged in into the system at what date and time and from which IP address.


Alert Module

To enable the management to effectively monitor important activities & get alerts before important events, email alerts management module has been provided. From this module various email alerts can be set to be triggered as per the defined criteria.

SMS alerts can also be enabled for different types of reminder services (Optional)


User Administration Module

The system has roles for Admin and normal users. The admin is the top level administrator with all privileges and can add/modify/ block other users, change/reset Passwords of other users and can set events on which Email/SMS alerts shall be triggered. 

Normal Users can view allowed Dashboards and MIS reports and use the system modules as per their access level. They can update own profile, change password etc. 


Dashboard and Reporting Module

Key parameters are shown in the dashboard and MIS reports.  Facility to export the reports to Adobe PDF/ Microsoft excel as per requirement. Facility of emailing the reports to required email addresses. Reports are filterable based on  parameters like date range, client name, case status, court cases etc. 

Hosting and Support

You can select any of the following hosting plan for your Organization as per your preferance.

Option 1 - Cloud Hosting

You can go for our Cloud hosting Plan wherein we provide you servers, storage, bandwidth and fully managed services for data backups, server tuning, system up time monitoring etc.  

The servers and storage are hosted in Tier-III Cloud Data Centers are located in India and provides all mandatory safeguards for data security and prevention of cyber threats.

VSPL’s technical team will be available to resolve any issues faced by you.  

Option 2 - On Premise Hosting

You can provide servers & storage for hosting the ARC ERP at your premise or preferred location. We will setup the ERP and configure as per your requirements.  

Your team will be responsible for the data backups, server tuning, system up time monitoring, data security etc.  

VSPL will provide support services under AMC and will fix any bugs, issues with the systems. You will receive all system updates/upgrades during the AMC period.

Remote technical support will be available to assist your team to resolve any issues raised through trouble tickets. 


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